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Aluminium Chip Briquetting Press

Aluminium Chip Briquetting Press(Dual-mould)
SY323 series  Aluminium Chip Briquetting Press(Dual-mould)
1.At present, most domestic factories, waste disposal of this aspect is not enough attention, chip open dumping, throwing serious. Usually with a large open field chip stack, chip transport car from the machine side to push the piled into the stack; or with a bag, a large iron box installed, and then loaded away. All the way Lek Lazhi drip, off the chip, half of the plant are oil traces and chips. Chip is the main source of pollution in the factory, large and fluffy, contains a lot of oil, easy to pollute the environment. Drip to the ground of oil seriously corrode the concrete floor, greatly reducing the load capacity and life of the ground; the other surface slippery, the efficiency of work, safety has brought great inconvenience. As metal cutting companies are facing rising raw material costs, but the product is because the market competition can not raise prices? Is it troubling for environmental monitoring? Is the scrap purchaser proposing a problem with your purchase price due to your cutting waste oil, bulky and down the purchase price? Handling chips is an unavoidable and difficult problem.
B, Cutting oil recycling rate is high
According to authoritative statistics, in the metal cutting, tooling costs about 8% of processing costs, and cutting fluid-related costs (including procurement costs, management costs, waste treatment costs, etc.) is as high as 15 to 30%. At present the price of cutting fluid is about RMB12,000 per tonne and the price per ton of waste is about RMB1,400, and you can not completely recover from the cutting fluid to sell one ton of cutting fluid will lose RMB10,600. Coupled with the price of selling pieces into pieces than the price of metal scrap directly sold a few hundred dollars a ton.
Such as their own factory can be cast, then immediately after the metal chips into the block after the regeneration of the use of cutting oil is also filtered directly after the re-use, so that the cutting fluid a savings will be very great cost.
C, Environmental pollution
In order to improve the processing environment, IS09001 series of standards for environmental management and monitoring were strictly regulated. To this end, governments spend a lot of money to finance "green processing" research and the introduction of relevant environmental protection regulations. Cutting processing plants will face more and more environmental testing test, check whether the sewer contains oil and the environment is the standard, whether the punishment and pass a series of questions such as the audit.
Factories to do a good job environment, safe production, handling chips is very important. In the factory cutting fluid leakage will not only waste the cutting fluid, but also produce slippery ground, safe and efficient production of hidden dangers, dripping on the cement board, the corrosion of the cement board and exudes odor, especially outdoor open The stacking field.
D, Save factory space, improve plant area utilization, reduce handling costs
Aluminum, copper, etc., is more large and fluffy, contains a lot of oil, easy to throw, scattered, drip, to prepare a lot of bags or a large site to stack, in the bagging and handling of human costs and handling cost.
E, To achieve the whole process of automation, reduce labor costs

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