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Vertical Baler


SVB series vertical baler machine can used to compress cotton, wool, waste paper, all kinds of beverage bottles, yellow cardboard, cotton yarn, tobacco, plastic, wheat straw, cloth, woven bags, knitted cashmere, hemp, sacks, tops, hair balls and other light foam, into tight bales.The bales is compact, tidy, beautiful. The machine is different according to the material,it may three doors, four doors, five doors, six doors and other shapes, and can be well-shaped strapping.


Steel frame

High strength, light weight, on the home two-way cylinder, no underground foundation, can be used for floor use

Hydraulic drive

Low noise, high pressure. Movement is smooth, no vibration. The machine has a fast file, light load down the speed is the original speed of 2.25 times, a substantial increase in efficiency, the domestic factory only have this function

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