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Company: Starshine Machinery
Contact Person: Sunny Deng

Mobile: +86 15961519734(Wechat)

E-mail: info@ss-re.com

Web site: www.ss-re.com
Address: Room 805, 3# Building, No.8, Binjiang Road(W), Jiangyin,Jiangsu,PRC

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       Starshine Machinery specialize in waste metal recycling machine,and also other waste material recycling machine,like waste paper,plastic,textile,etc.

We keep in faith that customer first, quality most important,supplying reliable products for customers all over the world. We help them to solve the problems they are facing during the process of scrap metal and non-metallic materials recycling.For example, waste storage takes up a lot of space, waste transportation costs are too high, waste Utilization rate is low,etc.We solve all these problems.Our products are mainly absorbing Germany ,European and American technology, products has already exported more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

The increasing global awareness of environmental protection have brought numerous opportunities and challenges to China's environmental protection machinery enterprises.

Based on market demand, China Starshine keep continuous innovation and improvement.

One world,one dream! Let’s saving the WASTE to protect the EARTH.

Choose Starshine,choose a better future!

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